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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Barriers

Well, this morning the Dominican Republic closed their borders to Haiti in fear of the cholera outbreak which has been relatively contained at this point.  The significance of this is that to transport Melissa and the other children needing heart surgery next week, we must cross that border.  So many mountains have been moved to get this far, I can't believe at this point that any border closing is going to stop God's purpose if it is to be medical care for these children next week.  My initial response is to feel discouraged and frustrated, but as I sit here I feel a sense of faith that this too will be overcome in accordance to God's will.  Borrowing on Sunday's message at early services, God sometimes wants miracles to be so BIG that there is no mistake they are HIS actions and provisions.  This is looking more and more like a "God sized" undertaking.  So, I will trust, have faith and wait for his call.  My plane leaves at 6 am on Friday to Port au Prince and I will open myself to God's plan. 

I almost forgot to update on the wonderful understanding and re-affirming in the relationship with her current "Mommy".  I've written before on the challenges I have felt and she has had with these unusual set of circumstances.  Huge steps have been made toward a middle ground for the best care of Melissa now and in the future.  It has so lightened my heart and has been a true blessing. 

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