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Saturday, May 22, 2010

New beginning with God's Endless Possibilities

Story of Margerie by Amber Beckham (Photographer)

"Do you remember me?" I ask as I quietly squat down in front of a young woman I had become very familiar with. It was good to see her again. She shakes her head slowly staring plainly at me signifying that she did not.
Backing up 5 days, myself and some others had taken a break from the mobile clinic outreach to walk around the village and see what we could see. Greg, Bobby, Trey, Cowboy & Dustin were all with me as we strolled along. Bobby had gotten a call from someone in the area we were walking in informing him that help was needed just down the way. A young pregnant woman was laying on the dirt ground, unconscious and unable to respond.

We arrived and she was half-clothed, cooling under the shade of the straw awning...her neighbors and family hovered around her. As we approached closer, the circle broke open. After a few questions and not a lot of answers, the guys lifted her around their shoulders and realized though she was a thin pregnant woman, she was very dead weight. After a few "village blocks" she was passed off to two more guys to help with carrying her.

Once at the orphanage the medical staff was quickly on the scene taking her vitals and checking to see if the baby was still alive. She was moved to a cot in the hallway of the children's bedroom where everyone was coming and going - here she stayed for another 7 hours or so.

What commenced was that Margerie was indeed in labor and she was pretty close to delivering within the day, Dr. Jenny Chapman assessed. But then what we soon discovered and much to our surprised was that the unconscious, exhausted state she was found in, was from having a seizure. She was eclamptic and had never seized before in her life till now. And she kept having them too...while she was having contractions and getting closer to delivering this baby.

This was painful for all of us to watch. The concern grew as it got dark, and Margerie wasn't really coming to. She would open her eyes, but was not very responsive. The baby was still ready but the seizures were interrupting and potentially deadly to both mom and the baby.

Many prayers went up for this child and mother that evening. Prayers of faith because truly, we did not have the medicine we needed to help this woman. No x-rays, no machines, no nothing. Just the power of God to come through. As Margerie had one last seizure, we all got on our hands and knees and touched any part of her we could reach and prayed. "no more seizures, please, God." someone prayed..."protect this baby, " another prayed...and somewhat timidly but with certainty, I prayed, "little one, come out! you are wanted on this earth and we break any negative word spoken over this pregnancy in any way." Within minutes, Margerie was wide awake. And she was beginning to actually feel her contractions (praise God!). For the first time ever, it was a relief to see her move in pain. It meant something was happening, and we were on the right course...

We had called for some Cuban nurses nearby that might have the medicine we needed. Sure enough, within an hour, they were on the scene - hair net and all with smiles on their faces! We also realized that Margerie needed to get to a hospital in case of emergency c-section or any other labor problems that might arise.

The kids waited patiently outside to stay cool, and to give us space to work. It was past their bedtime and I think they were normally used to being near their bedrooms about this time of the night. But they were amazing, patient and even sang a song to us as we were about to go.

We got the "bed" ready in the back of the truck. And within a few minutes, we were all piled in the truck headed to town. After about an hour or so of bumpy, rocky roads, we arrived to the hospital and Margerie was safely delivered into the hands of the medical staff there.
FIVE days later, I sit before Margerie in her home. Completely aware, healthy and even a smile quietly beams from her face as she holds her baby boy...Baby Greg (named after Greg Roberts). I'm not surprised she doesn't remember me after the trauma her body went through delivering him. But I was just happy she was alive and so was her baby, as if nothing had ever happened to them.

Dr. Jenny Chapman, was the star of the night for Margerie, among a few other medical staff as well. She said that it was a complete medical miracle. "God's mercy was sufficient to bring a healthy baby boy from a seemingly helpless situation is an amazing miracle...I don't know why God had me be in that moment (with her) but there must be something in the life of that child. Who knows what he will do in this life!"

Untitled from Amber Beckham on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miracles all around...

Enjoying some love from an incredible 2 1/2 year old.  He stole my heart.

Everyday has been a new and crazy adventure.  Today was at the clinic again.  Seeing a variety of people and illnesses but then a young boy of 5 years was carried in by his Mom with 3rd burn to his L leg.  We stabilized him and then tranported him to a hospital where he was admitted.  Then, back to work in the clinic.  Our team of 4 saw around 150 today.  Whew!  Will hope to share more stories and maybe pictures. 

I had a small melt down last night.  My camera disappeared last weekend during a tumultuous event I'll share soon.  I was so bummed as I had planned to share all of this.  After much soul searching, it occured to me that I had completely missed the message the Lord was sending me.  Clearly I was to be with him in the moment and mission without the trappings of technology.  First, cell phone died.  Second, camera disappeared.  It's amazing how we set forth with our own plans even in the context of God's call.   

Dinner is on...gotta go...