This Little Light of Mine

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miracles all around...

Enjoying some love from an incredible 2 1/2 year old.  He stole my heart.

Everyday has been a new and crazy adventure.  Today was at the clinic again.  Seeing a variety of people and illnesses but then a young boy of 5 years was carried in by his Mom with 3rd burn to his L leg.  We stabilized him and then tranported him to a hospital where he was admitted.  Then, back to work in the clinic.  Our team of 4 saw around 150 today.  Whew!  Will hope to share more stories and maybe pictures. 

I had a small melt down last night.  My camera disappeared last weekend during a tumultuous event I'll share soon.  I was so bummed as I had planned to share all of this.  After much soul searching, it occured to me that I had completely missed the message the Lord was sending me.  Clearly I was to be with him in the moment and mission without the trappings of technology.  First, cell phone died.  Second, camera disappeared.  It's amazing how we set forth with our own plans even in the context of God's call.   

Dinner is on...gotta go...


  1. Indeed, Jenny, I think you're right. I use my camera all the time to stay in the background, to find peace when there is chaos around. (think 4-year old birthday parties!) But, not having it pushes you into being present each moment - really experiencing everything. The people around you will experience so much more of you as well. Much love!! Kristen

  2. Your mind works in wondrous ways, beloved Dr. J -- but that's the ancient virtue of making lemonade from the lemons that show up! Way to go.

  3. I'll take a good reflection post over a Twitter update any day! Have a safe trip home!