This Little Light of Mine

Friday, April 30, 2010

1st Day

I really wished that I had time to post a wise and thoughtful post but connection time doesn't permit.  It was a fruitful day but exhausting.  Don't know why but think the high heat is zapping me.  The Lord was busy.  Thank you for your prayers!  I am taking lots of pictures and hope to post some at some point.  Pray for the clinic and our endeavors tomorrow.  Love to all.
Bondye Bon Tout Tan

Dr. Jenny

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well, we arrived safely and in STYLE.  Regions jet was incredible.  Pilots were awesome.  Got off the plane and it was 98 degrees.  Whoo Hoo!  Settled in to the house and can feel God's presence already...Very different experience riding to the house.  Will have details later.

Communication is limited and compounded by my forgotten cell charger.  Poo!  I'll try to post when possible..

Love to all!

On our way

Well, the day is here!  I leave in about 30min to go to a hanger at the Birmingham airport to fly out on the Regions jet.  If I hadn't run myself to a frizzle I'd be able to process my emotions better.  Right now going on 4 hrs of sleep all I can think is I'm tired.  Bags and car are packed.  I have to wonder if I may have overpacked.  Not my stuff per sey but all the things to share with my new friends.  We'll see...Hope to post stuff here but know that may or may not happen depending on connectivity.  If you are interested in following my Spot Satellite tracker, you can look at:

Bondye Bon Tout Tan!
Dr. Jenny

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sacrificial Giving

Continuing in the effort to fill in the events of the last 4 months building to my trip this upcoming week, let me tell you a story about God's provisional mercy.  My Mom called me a few weeks after the Earthquake and told me that the church I grew up in and still visit on trips home to Chattanooga gathered donations and will be sending them to our group for Haiti.  She mentioned that, "they collected around $200 or so..."

Well, this was another lesson in Don't Limit God.  I thankfully opened the LVPC (Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church) envelop when it came and had to close my eyes and blink a few times at the was a little bit more than Mom had said.  No, it was A LOT more!  Just a few dollars shy of $1,500!!!!  Wow!  My little home church of 80-100 people in a blue collar community opened their hearts and pockets.  This was likely sacrificial giving for some.  I still can't believe how God can take us so far beyond what we even imagined IF it is for HIS glory.  It was as if he said, "Come on.  Think B..I..G..G..E..R if you are going to be MY hands and feet." ;)

Now one might think that an offering of this magnitude would've depleted charitable donations for the church.  That's what you get for thinking small again.  I received ANOTHER check a few weeks ago for around $450.  Loaves and fishes...loaves and fishes...we will feed the masses with these loaves and fishes.

Thank you so much LVPC!  Your donations are going to help so many.  Thank you for once again teaching me about God's love as you have for these many (many) years!  I love you!

Donations from the first week

Here a pictures of early donations being cataloged by my family.  From our garage to the tarmac at small airstrip in Dominican Republic.  For those who gave, proof these items did get there!  We have much more to get down...a blessing and concern.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Countdown begins...

So I am officially starting the blog tonight. I've messed around with layout too long. We are into counting the days which are 6 until I leave to serve God's calling for me in Haiti. How did I get here? Wow! For those who haven't heard the story, back in January I was really struggling with a hard to describe unrest or yearning but was *clueless* as to why I was feeling that way. Was a job change coming? Was something about to happen in the family? Did I just need to start some pharmaceuticals? ;)

Anyway, this went on for several days. I kept praying to the Lord to show me what he's got planned...and I kept listening. News of the devasting earthquake broke in January and it seemed that was it. So, with a newly directed sense of purpose I started to seek organizations to serve in some way. Multiple requests and attempts to reach out and NOTHING! Doctors without Borders wanted a year long commitment. Didn't think Jack would go for that.

Frustration began to sink in, but a mentor sent a Facebook message that simply reminded me to "keep listening." Well, sometimes God doesn't whisper, he yells our name... Six minutes after that message I received a reply e-mail from Simeon Nerelus with HERO: Haiti Emergency Relief Organization welcoming my help. Within another 48hrs with some e-mails delivered on the wings of angels to receiving hearts, the Lord had filled my exam room 1 with donations and the momentum hasn't stopped. His plan for me was never more clear than it has been in these last few months. Not to say everything has been easy, but it definitely has been purposeful. So, here we to a devasted country with heat and humidity. Of all the environmental conditions...heat? Really Lord? Me? The pale white, snow lady? *He laughed audibly here.*

So begins the journey...for those who wish, join me as we seek God's calling...