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Monday, July 12, 2010

6 month anniversary and a time to commit to the future...

Alright friends.  We are now faced with a real and tangible need.  Project Sharewood and Chadasha Foundation, who I have had the incredible honor of working with, are moving forward with plans to support the primary care clinic in the Port au Prince community of Pernier.  This clinic has been supported by many groups including Provision, SIFAT, HaitiServe and MMDR in the time since the earthquake 6 months ago today.  The clinic is an extension of a community church to provide free medical care, medications and other basic needs while sharing God's love.  They currently serve 120-150 patients daily of all ages.  We are committing to fund their needs which will include employment as well for the staff.  Our current goal is $7000/month.  This is a very obtainable goal because our God is BIG!!
Please pray about these endeavors.  We are faithful that the Lord will provide us with people who are willing to help with fundraising and donations.  The healing mercies of this clinic are so bountiful and I will continue to share them with you through this blog and links to similar blogs. 

Share the word with anyone and everyone you know along with a prayer that they will be open to God's call for them.
Donations may be sent to: (both 501c3 organizations)
Project Sharewood                   or                Trinity United Methodist Church
10119 Brandywine Drive                              c/o Haiti Relief-Project Sharewood
Huntsville, AL  35803                                   607 Airport Road SW                                                                      Huntsville, AL 35802
Please add: Haiti Relief to subject line on your checks.

Your donations will be used in the field immediately following God's call for the clinic.  Don't wait!  Post this to your blog, Facebook or Twitter.  Spread the word and let's see how far we shine our light into the world.
For God's glory and through his amazing grace,
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