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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Adventure Continues

So we rejoiced this week in the news that with the diligent and tireless efforts of many, progress was finally made in Melissa's paperwork.  She now has birth certificate and passport should be issued any day now.  So as of today, it seems that plans for her travel to Santiago are going happen.  We still wait day to day but are making plans for the travel of Melissa and the other children with heart issues that have been diagnosed in our various clinics.  There are still few details but we wait are waiting on the Lord with confidence of his providence.  The idea that I would be headed down to PaP to possibly load up in a bus or vehicle to travel across the island to take an infant and other children for heart surgery would've made me laugh out loud this time last year.  I'm headed to another country not knowing anything more of the plans and yet there is peace in my heart.  Let me publicly thank Greg, Bobby, Yanick, Michelle and any others who have been God's hands and feet in this.  Merci Beaucoup!

As many have heard, new challenges in this country have arisen as feared over the past months.  After all of the heavy rains in the last few weeks, a cholera epidemic has erupted.  It started in northern Haiti but has now spread into Port au Prince.  The catastrophe of this is it is a preventable and treatable illness with clean water and basic medical care.  Here an unfathomable thought, the water in your toilet before you flush is cleaner that most of this country's drinking water.  That water could've prevented this illness.  Unnerving, huh?

So tonight I ask that you pray for all those who are suffering with broken hearts and bodies in this country.  Pray that through education and clean water supplies this plague can be contained.  Pray that the Lord will continue to guide the work he wishes for us to do.

Bondye Bon Tout Tan!  (God is good ALL the time!)


  1. Our prayers are with those in Haiti and with you. Please keep me posted... when do you go?