This Little Light of Mine

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forward Progress

So late last night I got word that the Haiti/Dominican border issue may be okay if we have passports and visas for everyone.  Awesome!  Nothing is for sure though until we get there.  Some discussions are going around to even find an option to fly from Port au Prince to Santigo, D.R.  It is definitely reassuring that those who are coordinating this on the ground are pulling out all their tricks and know how.  I am so confident that the Lord is in control and is BIGGER than all this.  To God be the glory great things he had done and IS doing!  So, I leave in less than 36 hrs and in my usual fashion, the race to finish everything leaves little time for the simple pleasure of sleep.  Still have a few things to pickup for the trip.

The big issue now is luggage space.  With the gross of uniform shorts and skorts, supplies for 2 children at the the Haiti Christian Orphanage as well as Gabrielle's things (see earlier posts),  the 2 checked bag limit is disappearing RAPIDLY.  I keep thinking, "loaves and fishes...loaves and fishes."  What needs to go will fit with his grace I know.

Hugs to all and keep those prayers coming!


  1. Hugs, kisses, prayers and really good travel, border restriction and diplomatic karma sent your way.... With lots of love, too. Be safe, dear friend. Love, Kristen

  2. Don't forget to pack our love! May God's love and ours surround you! 143 Mama, Amy, Chip and Jay and all those other branches and nuts in our tree! Love you forever like you for always......