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Thursday, September 30, 2010

We Interrupt the Previous Programming for this Announcement!!!

Wow!  The last day or two I'd been really struggling with this new role of  "along for the ride" with Melissa and all that was going on down in Haiti.  Patience has not been my strength.  Well tonight as Jack and I were discussing Melissa and the possibilities, I received a surprise call from Greg Roberts who is the missionary I have worked with in Port au Prince.  He was calling to update me on the huge progress that had been made in the last day or two.  Melissa had been under evaluation by a physician down there working with the team of cardiologist working to do some pediatric cardiology surgeries in PaP in the near future.  Dr. McColl had sent Melissa's info to some other specialists her in the U.S. and she was approved to be a part of their program.  However, it was recommended that she not wait for when they will be ready to do the surgeries in PaP.  Dr. Gilbert (pediatric cardiovascular surgeon) will be doing surgeries in Honduras and they approved her to come there to have it done.  Odd twist but hold on, God had gone ahead of us...
An incredibly benevolent and generous gentleman by the name of David Gibbs who has been a great benefactor to Children of Hope Orphanage and Hospice will be arriving in Haiti this week.  He actually also has mission work in Honduras.  Go GOD!  So, we likely will have some housing care for Melissa. 
Now we need prayers that Greg can get a passport and travel visa for her to go and have her surgery in October.  Pray that the Lord will continue to be merciful on this journey.  We will continue to update as more develops. 
Looks like I'm going to be looking at a trip to Honduras...
To GOD be the glory,


  1. Watching God work in this child's life is nothing short of fascinating!!! I can't wait to see what comes next!

    Keep us posted please.

    So did we decide on a birthdate for her? A last name?

  2. :-) I love watching God work in your lives. What awesome news!

  3. Jenny, I am overwhelmed with tears of joy as well as other emotions as I read your blog. I am a friend of Jackie Randolph. She told me to read your blog. I am a mother to a beautiful girl with Down's Syndrome. She has such a beautiful spirit. She is also one of the most strong willed babies I have ever encountered. I believe God gives this stubborness to these children because they have to fight just to live most of the time. The beautiful thing is that they don't complain about it. My perspective is completely different because of my daughter. Jackie asked for me to pray for you and of course I will. I also want you to talk with Andrea Roberts. Google Reece's Rainbow and you should find her contact info. If not I can send you her email. I am on facebook and you can contact me through Jackie as well. Good luck and God bless! Lauren Morrison,