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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back on track

Sorry for the delay in posts.  Things were going well enough to allow for some late night posts until Wednesday when God filled in the details of his plans for our week last week.  Let me take a minute to back up.  We worked Monday in the clinic seeing patients.  It was a busy and hot day but productive.  Anne who was the other half our team really got her confidence going and was seeing patients like a pro. 

Tuesday was our planned expedition to Thomazeau.  Given the smaller size of our "team" we kept to doing exams on the kids at Children of Hope Orphanage and Hospice (CHOH).  This orphanage of less than 15 surged to over 40 since the earthquake.  It has become quite a passion of many and I was shocked at the changes and growth in the 3 1/2 months since I'd been here.  There is a new dorm for the boys sleeping quarters, a school house in under construction.  There is another outdoor classroom built, and construction is underway for an upstair living quarters for Bobby and Lourdie the directors/house parents.  WOW!  The Lord has moved swiftly and mightily through the compassion and donations of many from many states.

Boys' Dorms to left if standing at the kitchen door to CHOH

Panning to the Left.  Note new open classroom behind clothes.

Note 2nd floor construction on the "main" building

Anne experienced the flood of affection from the kids when we arrived.  For those who have not been to CHOH, you suddenly will have 3,4 or more kids glued to you touching and hugging any part of your body they can lay claim too.  This day, Loudna who is one of the older girls laid claim to me and never left my side the whole day.  She is a very special girl who has her own story of tragedy, faith and triumph that can be read on a friend's blog I'll link to sometime. 

So, we set up a mobile clinic in the older open air classroom and saw some of the children.  They all craved even the smallest bit of our attention and we seemed to have more than enough love to go around. 

After a couple hours, Greg and Bobby wanted to take us out into Thomazeau behind the orphanage and take us to where Margerie lived.  Margerie was the young woman who blessed my last trip so as I was involved in her medical care on the day of delivering a bouncing baby boy despite all odds.  The full story can be read in older posts from May.  This was quite a treat of an outing.  We all followed Bobby out of the gates and into the village.  Big awakening for us as we walked amongst the mud and stick huts crowding in along a dirt path.  We were obviously quite a spectacle for the neighbors!  Most greeted and waved to us warmly as we trudged along under the scorching sun leaving puddles of sweat behind us. 
We saw some really neat Haitians who had some ingenious inventions.  One man was returning home from a fishing expedition with a homemade harpoon for fish made from a stick, wire, springs and rubberbaids.  Brilliant!

So,  I'm falling asleep now and will continue this note tomorrow...stay tuned....

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  1. I loved getting out of the car and having these beautiful children comfortable enough with me that we just started loving on each other. Even as hot as we were, being 3-deep in kids was really nice. The kids loved getting the mardigras beads that my daughter, Allison, sent to kids.

    Where I had to sniff back some tears is when we were getting ready to leave. Lourdie and Momma T gathered up the kids to sing to us. It was joyful and sweet but I couldn't understand most of the words (mostly singing Creole I think) that I was hearing. That is until they got to the song that says "I am not forgotten, Jesus knows my name!" At that moment I was so glad that these children have such good role models and leadership in their lives with Bobby, Lourdie, Momma T, the Roberts, and so many other Christians who love and care for these kids. God has a plan for all of these children and he definitely knows their names.