This Little Light of Mine

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Haiti Heartbreak

Today, my friend Anne and I were serving in the Rapheka Pernier clinic each seeing patients.  She really did incredible and it was her first clinic day in Haiti on her own!  Most volunteers who have worked at the clinic experience at some point their first Haitian heartbreak.  Today, I saw it in Anne's face as her heart broke for a beautiful young Haitian women who the Lord placed in her care.  It is amazing how the Lord will lay someone on your heart when you least expect it.  She cared for a young women whose husband was killed in the earthquake leaving her with 4 (and now five - baby born a few months ago) children to care for on her own.  The Mom was hopeless and depressed carrying in an ill child to clinic.  As the Lord does time and again here, he laid on Anne's heart a burning need to go a little further which resulted in this Mom not only receiving treatment for her medical needs but feeding her body and soul as well.  They left the clinic with medications, beans and rice and prayers that the Lord will continue to provide for them.  And, Anne left the clinic knowing the Haiti heartbreak that keeps us all coming back to help one person or family at a time.  God picked just the right person to be here today!


  1. Anne was being the hands and feet of Christ! Surely she is blessed to be a blessing!