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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here we go again...back to my Haiti home

Well I'm 1 1/2 hrs away from boarding the last leg of my trip to Port au Prince for trip number two.  A dear friend who's a nurse is travelling with me this time.  It has been an exhausting several days preparing with the purchasing of meds, supplies and fundraising but the Lord has provided bountifully once again.  The week started with a presentation to the Cherokee County Rotary Club which was a wonderful opportunity to share the word of our mission.  They were so generous and provided some financial donations from a few individuals for supplies for the trip.  Then, The Orthopedic Center stepped up and also provided a sizeable donation to purchase meds.  It just continues to grow.  We are truly maxing out our checked luggage and will see what craziness ensues once we arrive at PaP.
The journey started at 1:30am this morning when I picked up Anne Peters who is traveling with me.  4 checked bags with 1 EXACTLY 50.0 lbs with a total of about 205lbs for all 4 bags in addition to the checked bag and "personal item".

 First a 2 hr drive to Birmingham then flight to Miami and eventually PaP.  Greg Roberts will be meeting us at the airport but the customs and luggage claim battle has historically been epic.
We will keep you tuned in...
Chris Rice - Go Light Your World
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  1. So, so proud of you, sweetie. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Much much love. I'll check this daily. Kristen