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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Continuing with the ingenuity of the Haitian people, we next met a young boy who had crafted a car out of a discarded plastic milk jug.  He was very proud as well he should be.

Okay, so we tromped through the village on a dirt path on our way to where Greg and Bobby originally found Margerie 4 months ago when I had been at the orphanage.  Along the way, I felt very conspicuous but never afraid.  Definitely a stranger in a strange land.  My only coping mechanism I have developed is to smile.  So that is what I did...waved and smiled as we walked past people's homes and huts.  And you know what, most smiled back and waved.  A smile can be SO much more powerful than we realize.  It's my weapon of choice! 

Eventually, after hanging a left at the nanny goat and a block past the pig, we got to Margerie's home where she was busy feeding a chubby happy baby Greg.  Though she didn't remember me from that fateful day of her son's birth, I will ALWAYS remember her.  

Praying over Marjorie at the clinic in May
4 month old Greg and Mom

We gave her some prenatal vitamins I had packed for her and gave Greg an impromptu checkup. While there, Bobby and Greg noticed that Margerie's family's home was beginning to wash and crumble at the foundation. We spent some timing looking and Greg made some estimations for maybe some home improvements.   It was shocking to see the building that 15 people called home.

Standing at the rear room of the home looking forward to the front room.

Front Room.  No idea what they pickup on TV.  Just noticed on the wall to the Left what looks like a picture of the last supper.  Cool!

So all of this investigation and looking around made me consider something.  If a non-English speaking person of a different skin tone just arrived at a trailer park in rural Alabama and began walking around in a person's home, would they be welcomed.  Hmmmm....

After a nice visit and sharing Silly Bandz, it was time to head back CHOH.

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  1. Jenny, thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration and such an example of BEING Jesus' hands and feet. Bless you a thousand times over!