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Friday, September 3, 2010

Boujou mes amis!

So miracles continue to bless us.  We (or more so I) was very stressed and anxious about getting here and the customs "process" where ANYTHING can happen and usually not in your favor.  We prayed and everyone was praying and holy cow!  We arrived uneventfully.  Went through immigration with a nod and stamp.  Gathered our bags without anyone trying to "help" as some of the guys will do for tips.  Historically they will snatch up your bags to help even if you didn't want them to.  None of that.  We wheeled around our obnoxiously large and heavy bags through the customs gate and the guy looked over the customs sheet and nodded.  We then rolled right out the door.  No one glanced our way.  We got outside and there was a friendly man named Wilbur with a sign to greet us. Bon garcon!  He did wave off some other "helpers" when the whole cart overturned on a pothole but got us to Greg and away we went.  Easy Breezy!!!  When I got in the car, I was overcome with a sense of being home.  It just felt so right!  I was  tired from being up with 1 1/2 hrs of sleep in the last 36 hrs but was so excited to be here.  Unexplainable. 
Things have changed a lot in 4 months.  For the good.  New construction is evident in town.  Greg paved half the road up the hill to guesthouse.  WOW!  The guesthouse is STYLIN' now too.  Fresh bright paint inside.  Real beds in the rooms.  Other than the heat it would be hard to say I'm roughin' it by any stretch.
We are going this morning to the clinic and then Greg has some things for us to do.  Will try to get pics up tonight.
Love to all!
Chris Rice - Go Light Your World
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  1. Thanks for the update Jenny. Wow real beds? next you'll say they have air conditioning! ceiling fans? Give everyone big hugs from me. Praying for your strength!

  2. That is such wonderful news. I know that gives people a lot of hope for a more positive future for them... oh, and there are people like you there sharing their expertise & their love! :)