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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Morning in the Land of Hope

 Good morning from Haiti.  Yesterday was very busy as Greg took us over to the clinic and Yanick put us right to work.  I would say productive but definitely reminded me how tired you get.  A rainstorm blew in about the time we headed home which for me for a nice relief.  I got to ride inside a truck to beautiful home.  So many we drove passed though were trying to find any cover from the rain.  Getting home didn't mean rest for us.  We promptly had to jump into preparations for a mobile clinic tomorrow.  The Rapheka (or Pernier) clinic is now providing care for the World Relief Orphan group through the mobile clinics.  We will be going somewhere (didn't catch where yet) to see them and do a clinic out of a church.  So, we were up until 11:00pm packing meds, supplies and such. 
Up at 6:30 am to get ready as we will be starting the day running over to one of the area hospitals here in PaP.  Apparently, some Haitian collegues were in a bad traffic accident (and I can't image any other kind here) where one of the gentlemen is now lying in a bed with no feeling below the neck.  We can all guess that can't be good.  I'm still unsure as to what I am supposed to assist with but at least God does know.  He has gone before me I know.  Please pray for this man (I'll get a name up tonight) that the Lord will touch him with miraculous healing and guide us to provide his love to these people.
Talk soon, gotta hurry so I'll be ready when Greg comes.  Oh, and since I will be missing my beloved Auburn Tigers opening game today (Greg's satellite fell off the roof yesterday so they don't have TV), WAR EAGLE!
Can't get pictures to upload.  Will try later. 
Love, Jenny

Chris Rice - Go Light Your World
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