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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Promises

So today is the beginning of a new year and WOW!  How different my life is a year later. I started 2010 with a whole lot of soul searching.  There was such a sense of incompleteness that few were able to understand.  I had 3 healthy and beautiful children, a great husband and a good career.  What possibly could be missing?

As a child, I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior.  The years following were full of doing the "right" things.  Church, volunteer work on occasion and prayer when I needed help.  In retrospect, it was a very superficial Christian life.  Then, 2010 came and things changed.  COMPLETELY.  I prayed for weeks on end for the Lord to show me what I was to do.  What HE wanted me to do. 

January 12, 2010:  Earthquake in Haiti

Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost in a few short minutes.  Millions of lives were changed forever and mine was one of them.  Prayer and contemplation plunged me head first into the deep end of mission work.  The power of prayer changed from a great idea to real action and power.  Over the course of a few months I was awakened to a whole new life with Christ.  A life where I was able to let go of the "gotta-do's" and "supposed-to-do's" and follow his path for me.  When I let go of MY agenda, my life grew so much more.  Never did I think (or anyone else who knew me) I could tolerate 100+ heat with no a/c.  But I did...and loved it.  Well, didn't love the heat but learned that the Lord provides us with strengths of all kinds when we are following his will.  I learned that I could be tougher than I thought could be.

As this blog has journaled, I have come to find another home in the country of Haiti.  Amidst the devastation and overwhelming odds, I fell in love with a special group of brothers and sisters there who have taught me so much about faith and grace.  I ache to learn more...

So here we are a year later and looking now at pursuing adoption of a special little girl with an unclear future and we walk each day on the faith of the Lord's provision...

Follow along with us!



  1. Great blog Jenny....Amazing how God moves, and how Haiti captivates you without warning....Can't wait to watch Him work in your life. Hoping Melissa is with you soon!

  2. I love reading your blog. I will continue to prayer for you and Melissa. God is so amazing, and He absolutely has a plan. Thank you for sharing your love for Him and your walk!