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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Melissa's Christmas...not in America

As much as we would have wanted it to work out, it apparently was not in God's will for Melissa to join us this Christmas.  It did leave us with a grey cloud of melancholy as we rejoiced our Savior's birth.  As the girls donned their matching PJ's on Christmas eve, Melissa's tiny fleece PJ's sat empty.  So we will package up her letter from Santa, PJ's and such and take them or send them to her very soon we pray.  


Though she was not physically with us, Melissa was with us...

For those who have seen Melissa, you will understand the selection for Tweety bird for her ornament.  For those who haven't, basically this shape is very much like her from her facial features, to tiny body, to feet.

My blessings did come in the midst of our sorrow.  Melissa was being cared for an incredible lady by the name of Wilna.  This woman was my angel as she gifted us with several Skype sessions to see our sweet baby despite horrible connection issues and repeated attempts.  She even dressed our girl up in an adorable Christmas day outfit for me.  My heart was so filled with joy and gratitude.   The Lord then blessed us with an absolutely PERFECT white Christmas day.  It was beautiful.

I will now confess that in my laziness or disappointment or fear, I have not worked on any of Melissa's Visa/Humanitarian Parole/Adoption paperwork and applications over the holiday.  Even as I sit here I don't know why...

The whole process is overwhelming and again I confess that I lost faith and trust in the Haitian lawyer who had been helping us.  But, the time of rest is over and we will forge ahead with prayer for discernment in our next steps, courage to be bold and not fearful of mis-stepping.  We will keep you posted as I have come to selfishly depend on your prayers and messages. 

My next plan in our mission work will be organizing another medical mission trip prayerfully in Feb/March timeframe.  It will be here in the blink of an eye and I must buckle down and make plans.

My love to you all!

My therapeutic video montage...


  1. Thank you for your post Jenny. I always want to know what's going on but don't know how much to ask. I pray for the day your sweet girl comes home!

  2. Let me know when a good time to meet and start planning the next trip - it will be upon us before we know it!