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Monday, January 24, 2011

Down but not out...

After concentrated prayer and seeking the Lord's will, I am feeling much more resolved in the steps ahead.  It has been a subtle realization in the last few days of the changes going on within my family.  The Lord is truly at work within our home and my heart has swelled with gratitude.  I am so blessed! 

I love what I refer to as "God things".  Saturday, I spent the day in CME (continuing medical education) lectures.  During the introduction of the first lecturer, the speaker acknowledged Dr. Bill Sims who was present at the conference.  As I turned around, I realized Dr. Sims was sitting directly behind me.  The "God thing" is one year prior, to almost the exact day, I had been working with Dr. Sims via phone and e-mail to obtain orthopedic supplies for the disaster relief in Haiti.  A year and a day later we meet at a random conference? 

God Thing!

The conference was followed by a meeting with Ryan Harbaugh to transfer a huge donation of previously loved soccer gear to our warehouse for future delivery to Haiti.  Woo hoo!  You can see his blog at:

This all made for a productive day, but it even closed in an awesome way with a date night with my wonderful hubby.  It gave me much to praise for come Sunday morning. 

We are now looking at footsteps toward paperwork to bring our Melissa home.  In the meantime, I will be traveling down to share her birthday with her next month.  Stay tuned!  I hope to collect some things to take for the Apparent Project.   Keep your colorful cereal boxes and we'll let you know where to take them.  More ways to help coming...

Through God's grace and mercies!
Dr. Jenny


  1. Love this...I love seeing all the soccer stuff too! The kids will go wild over it all. Keep the passion alive! Even though I can't go with you to Haiti, my thought's will be with you.

  2. Jenny, I continue to pray for you and your family and sweet Melissa. I love reading your blog and how God is truly at work. It is with great awe and wonder that I stop to comtemplate how truly amazing our God is and that He is in control. I know, know, know He has a plan!