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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

365 days later...and still rambling

I have been anticipating this day for a few weeks.  For those who somehow may have missed it, today is the 1 year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti that literally brought a wavering country to its knees killing over 200,000 people and making over a million homeless.  The emotions are not as I would have thought.  Those who know me even through this blog know that Haiti infected me last year. 

No, that is not a typo.  Haiti "affected" many who served, but truly "infected" me and changed the life I led into something so much bigger.  It is now IN me - a part of who I am.  Of course, I know it may be in the form of Haiti, but what actually "infected" me was the love of Christ and new path in my life of wanting Him more.  Of trusting Him more.  My thoughts are never far from this country and those whom I consider now to be a part of my family.

My reaction to today should have been one of contemplative reflection and yet I have felt numb all day.  I still, as I type this, am not sure why.  Is it because even in its total devastation, the earthquake was just one in a string of insults to this country?  Is it because I ache so to be there everyday and yet struggle currently with what I have to offer to Haiti?  I wished I knew...

Looking back, I had a similar obsession with reading and hearing stories coming out of the country as I did after 911 and the Oklahoma City Bombings.  From the day of the earthquake and subsequent weeks, I became a bit of a stalker even of some of the blogs and websites.  Some sites I came to know through connections with Chadasha who I was helping.  Some were random findings.  It still amazes me in the midst of all the numerous NGO's (Non-government agencies) that a year later I find myself in the same circles as some of the people I followed.  Sometimes the world is so small and we really get a glimpse into the family of God. 

I had an interesting observations today that I will share for those few I haven't bored to death tonight with my lack of wisdom and insight.  A year ago, this tragedy pulled me into service of gathering medical supplies and donations.  From the initial days, the response was awe-inspiring.  If you are interested, you can go back to the first few blog entries.  Well as I went to get in my car today 365 days later, I placed a large box of donated antibiotics and miscellaneous medical supplies for Haiti that I had gathered in the last couple of weeks.  The needs continue and therefore, so will I through the Lord 's grace and mercies.

For those who are interested in the status of Melissa, I have little news to give.  I am trying to piece together an application for Humanitarian Parole which is at best a long shot.  The whole process is becoming overwhelming and daunting, but I will press on with the Lord as my guide and guardian.

I have learned over the last year of the importance of being flexible and open to the Lord's will and pathway.  This has been a hard lesson for your classic Type A personality but I have felt at peace with these new ways.  The Lord has shown himself to me time and again with blessings beyond my imagination when I focused on serving Him and released all other constraints.  As the needs in Haiti have changed and evolved, the lesson of being flexible and open to possibility heightens.  I am now praying for where he will lead me in service.  Here I am Lord...

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