This Little Light of Mine

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Potholes (continued)

If you didn't read the last post, please do.  As I was steering 7 10yr old little girls through the breakfast line at the hotel this morning, I received 2 pictures of Melissa and her Mom.  The love in her mother's eyes was unmistakable.

You all know all I know at this point.  I haven't heard how it went or what was said.  It stinks sometimes to be so physically far away from where I feel I need to be. 

So what was my first reaction to the pictures?  A sad joy, if that is possible.  Also the silly observation that she looks like her Mom.  There was an emotion of commitment to this child and her family.  God brought this Mom back to us for a reason.  I will pray for the direction He is asking of us and we will follow His will.  Bondye Bon Tout Tan! (God is good ALL the time!)

Thank you all for your sweet words of encouragement.  They all keep me going I assure you!


  1. Oh Jenny,
    What a tough situation. I hope you get some answers soon and am praying for God's direction for you.

  2. Jenny,
    We will be in port tomorrow, (Monday) and would love to see you at some point, if it works out! I am praying for you...tender hearts, God's love over all, the very very best for you and your family and for baby Melissa and her momma! Rest in Him girl, let him carry you up this steep, winding hill. It is not easy but He is loving and want the very best for all invloved.
    Hope we get to see you soon!